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The Child Study Center's Lois Bloom Lecture

The Child Study Center's Lois Bloom Lecture is made possible by a gift from Dr. Lois Masket Bloom, '56 Arts and Letters and a Distinguished Alumna of Penn State, and Edward Lee Thorndike Professor Emeritus, Teachers College, Columbia University. This lectureship fund supports lectures by outstanding experts in the field of child studies with a special emphasis on early child development.


Dr. Velma McBride Murry
Lois Autrey Betts Chair, Education and Human Development
Joe B. Wyatt Distinguished University Professor
Professor, Human & Organizational Development in Peabody College
Vanderbilt University
"Scaling up Evidence-Based Programs in Community Settings: Opportunities and Challenges"
September 22, 2016


Dr. Laurence Steinberg
Distinguished University Professor and the Laura H. Carnell Professor of Psychology
Temple University
"Age of Opportunity: Lessons from the New Science of Adolescence"
September 22, 2015


Dr. BJ Casey
Director of Sackler Institute for Developmental Psychobiology
Professor of Developmental Psychobiology
Weill Medical College of Cornell University
"Easy to Remember, Difficult to Forget:  The Development of Fear Regulation"
October 15, 2014


Dr. Nathan Fox
Distinguished University Professor and Chair
Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology
University of Maryland
"Are There Sensitive Periods for the Effects of Early Experience on Cognitive and Social Competence?  Lessons from the Bucharest Early Intervention Project"
January 16, 2014


Dr. Seth Pollak
Distinguished Professor of Psychology
University of Wisconsin at Madison

"Early Learning and the Emotional Brain"
September 13, 2012


Dr. Megan Gunnar
Professor of Child Development
University of Minnesota
"Early Life Stress and Development: Studies of Children Adopted Internationally from Orphanages"
November 10, 2011


Dr. W. Thomas Boyce
Professor, Sunny Hill Health Centre/BC Leadership Chair in Child Development
College for Interdisciplinary Studies and Faculty of Medicine
University of British Columbia
"The Biology of Misfortune: How Biology, Behavior and Environment Create the Social Partitioning of Health"
September 23, 2010


Dr. Joel T. Nigg
Professor, Departments of Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Behavioral Neuroscience, and Genetics
Director, Division of Psychology, Department of Psychiatry
Oregon Health & Science University
"ADHD: Endophenotypes, Environmental Risk Factors, and Causal Models"
October 8, 2009


Dr. Daniel S. Pine
Chief, Section on Development and Affective Neuroscience
Chief of Child and Adolescent Research in the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program
National Institute of Mental Health, Division of Intramural Research Programs
"Pediatric Anxiety: Current and Future Approaches to Therapeutics"
September 18, 2008


Dr. Robert Marvin
Associate Professor
University of Virginia Health System
Department of Psychiatric Medicine
Child and Family Psychiatry
"Childhood Behavior Problems: Where Do They Reside and What Do They Reflect?"
September 27, 2007


Dr. Richard Davidson
Professor of Psychology
University of Wisconsin, Waisman Center
"Order and Disorder in the Emotional Brain"
September 21, 2006


Dr. Joseph Campos
Professor of Psychology
University of California, Berkeley
"Explaining Developmental Transition in Infancy"
September 22, 2005


Dr. Russell A. Barkley
Professor, College of Health Professions
Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)
"Advances in Understanding the Nature and Causes of ADHD"
April 8, 2004


Dr. Dante Cicchetti
Director, Mount Hope Family Center
University of Rochester
"Psychological and Neurobiological Functioning in Maltreated Children"
May 8, 2003


Dr. Marc Bornstein
National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
"Views of Parenting Across Cultures"
May 2, 2002


Dr. Margaret Beale Spencer
Department of Psychology
University of Pennsylvania
"Schooling and Identity Processes: Challenges to the “Acting White ” Assumption about Urban Youth"
May 9, 2001


Dr. Judy DeLoache
University of Illinois
"Becoming Symbol Minded"
April 27,2000

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