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2004-2005 Child Study Center Speaker Series

Dr. Irwin Sandler
Director, Prevention Research Center
Regent's Professor of Psychology, Arizona State University
Co-sponsored with the Prevention Research Center
"Sources of Resilience in Parentally-Bereaved Children: Coping Efficacy, Emotional Expression and Parenting"
November 10, 2004
Dr. Sandler also presented the Bennett Lecture in Prevention Science
"Prevention as the Experimental Promotion of Resilience: Development and Evaluation of the New Beginnings Program for Children of Divorce"
November 11, 2004

Dr. Ted Dix
Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin
"The Affective Structure of Supportive Parenting:  Depressive Symptoms, Immediate Emotions, and Child-Oriented Motivation"
March 17, 2005

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