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Gene-Environment Research Initiative (GERI)

Initiative Co-Directors:
Jenae Neiderhiser, Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies
Bo Cleveland, Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies

The Gene-Environment Research Initiative (GERI) is an interdisciplinary initiative sponsored by the Child Study Center (CSC).

The GERI is conceptualized as an intellectual community for research across the university that is interested in understanding gene-environment interplay and in advancing research to achieve that goal. The GERI is home to the Pennsylvania Twin Registry
which is a resource for investigators interested in research on gene-environment interplay that can be facilitated through the use
of a population-based twin registry. We are currently in the recruitment phase of creating the registry with a dual focus on
recruiting high-school aged twins and children born from 2007 to date.

The GERI is designed to help support research across disciplines focused on common objectives – understanding how genes and environments work together. As noted for the steering committee we currently have active engagement of multiple departments
within 3 colleges and hope to engage even more departments in the future. We will help to support early career investigators, researchers new to this area and will provide a mechanism for forming an intellectual community around this issue.To guide the development of this new initiative, the GERI has a steering committee to examine strategies that can be used to help such an
initiative succeed, and to share thoughts about components and structure that may be particularly useful.

The Gene Environment Research Initiative Steering Committee (Penn State University)
Jenae Neiderhiser, Ph.D., Liberal Arts Research Professor of Psychology, and Human Development and Family Studies
Bo Cleveland, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies
J. Doug Coatsworth, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies
Jennifer Van Hook, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology and Demography
David Vandenbergh, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Biobehavioral Health, and Neuroscience Faculty,
The Neuroscience  Institute, The Huck Institutes for the Life Sciences
Daniel Notterman, M.D., Associate Vice President Research, Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies,
College of Medicine, Hershey Medical Center

For more information about this research initiative, please contact Jenae Neiderhiser or Bo Cleveland.

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