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Graduate Education at the Child Study Center



The Child Study Center has a strong tradition of providing valuable research training for its graduate students, who are highly involved in the process of developing and implementing research studies including professional presentation of results. Graduate-level researchers at the CSC have access to a variety of research experiences including work with clinical populations, community-based research, and translational and intervention research.


An important aspect of work at the CSC involves interdisciplinary collaboration among students from various disciplines within the fields of Psychology, Education, and Human Development. Many graduate students are involved in several research projects, broadening their exposure and experiences and providing them with opportunities to form ties with potential collaborators from many fields of research. 
Visit the "Training Interdisciplinary Educational Scientists (TIES) Program"


Through grants and endowments, visit the "Friends of the Child Study Center", the Child Study Center is able to offer its graduate researchers support as they progress through their academic careers. The CSC provides funding for student travel and other expenses associated with attendance at conferences where they can present and receive feedback on their work and meet other researchers. Additionally, graduate students can receive support for expenses related to their individual dissertation research.  In 2011, the CSC established the Strumpf Scholar Award which selects one or two outstanding graduate students for their research efforts. These prestigious awards provide full funding for two consecutive summers, in addition to two years of $1000 research and travel support.





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